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We exist to create competition and financial choice for Australians by protecting, backing and championing the broker industry on behalf of our members.

Women in Finance

The benefits of diversity in a business are undeniable. Different perspectives, approaches and ideas allow a business to unlock their true potential.

At AFG, our Women on the Move program provides a safe environment for our female brokers to develop the personal and business skills they need to thrive in the industry. From sharing past experiences to intense business coaching programs, our focus is to attract, retain and motivate the best of the best.

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Supporting our Brokers’ Mental Health

Looking after our mental health is an ongoing issue for our community, and the broking sector is no different. Our brokers are on the front line supporting their clients through some of the most important decisions they will make in good times and in bad.

The AFG Broker Assistance Program provides our brokers with funded access to a national network of professional mental health specialists facilitated in collaboration with a leading national mental health provider, Mind&Matter.

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International Women’s Day​

To help commemorate the valuable contribution women make to our business, industry and community, AFG partakes in International Women’s Day celebrations.  

Across the country we host or participate in IWD events with our brokers and staff to mark the occasion, celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and supporting the day’s call to action to accelerate women’s equality.

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Tax Strategy

Our approach
AFG provides a robust tax risk strategy that is in line with the Group Governance Framework. 
Our taxes are managed to support our long-term business strategy of providing sustainable returns to our shareholders, while responsibly meeting all disclosure obligations and properly complying with Australian taxation laws.  
As part of this strategy we are committed to:
  • Complying with all tax compliance obligations, including the disclosure of all facts to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and making all payments, on or before the due date. 
  • Maintaining our open, honest and constructive working relationship with all tax authorities. 
  • Not participating in tax evasion or knowingly facilitating in anyway the evasion of tax by a third party. 
  • Being efficient in our tax affairs, ensuring that all tax planning is built on sound commercial business activity and using tax structures with commercial substance.
  • Ensuring any transfer pricing will use the arm’s length principle.
  • Not transferring value to, or utilising structures in, tax havens or low tax jurisdictions with the primary purpose of avoiding tax. 
Responsibility for our tax strategy sits with the Board of Directors and Management. 
The Board’s Audit Committee oversees the Company’s Tax Risk Governance Framework (TRGF) and Tax Governance Controls Testing Framework (TGCTF), and receives tax related reports and information on a regular basis.  
At a Management level, our Chief Financial Officer is responsible for operating the day-to-day tax strategy, risks and compliance, and is committed to regular communication with the Board. 

Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing

As a responsible financial services provider AFG Securities Pty Ltd (AFG Securities) acknowledges that money laundering and terrorism financing can occur in the financial services industry.

To ensure compliance with meeting our regulatory obligations we have an Anti- Money laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing policy applicable to all AFG Securities employees and relevant contractors working in Australia (and if applicable overseas).

The policy sets out how AFG Securities will meet these obligations which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Appointment of AML/CTF Compliance Officer
  • Independent Review of the Policy
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Training and Due Diligence
  • AUSTRAC Feedback

AFG Women on the Move Award

To recognise excellence amongst our female brokers, each year five exceptional women from around Australia receive an AFG Women on the Move Award. 

Winners receive a scholarship which aims to provide support in taking their businesses to the next level. 

The scholarship includes professional development coaching and training, and mentoring by leading female brokers, Katrina Rowlands of Mortgage Success in NSW, Marissa Schulze of Rise High Financial Solutions in South Australia, and AFG Home Loans National Manager Hayden Cush. 

In 2022, an offsite was held for all Women on the Move award winners, and in following years past participants will be invited back as we build an alumni of exceptional women.   

Winners are also eligible to receive a place at the sought-after AFG Academy, delivered by Harvard Business School professors who provide a custom-designed course of higher learning around successful business management and strategies.  

Winners are chosen based on business metrics and performance, and written responses to questions about their mortgage broking journey thus far, and goals and aspirations.  

Independent judges sit on the selection panel, and include Ms Rowlands and Ms Schulze, along with key AFG staff

Partnerships & Associations


General member and member (vice chair) of the aggregator committee and member of the compliance committee













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