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Your Partner Support team are available Monday to Friday on 1800 063 210 or live online chat from 7am – 4pm WST to help you with AFG systems, commission queries, broker onboarding, administration and lender accreditations among many other queries they can assist you with.

If support is required out of hours, brokers can email details of the issue to or leave a voicemail on 1800 063 210 and it will be addressed on the next business day.


Your compliance team can assist you in navigating the initial and ongoing requirements to be compliant. From checking marketing material to information on responsible lending, our compliance team are a wealth of knowledge for you. Please email us at

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The AFG Home Loans team is committed to helping our brokers and their clients find the correct financial solution for their needs.

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Working with AFG you have access to your own Partnership & Sales team, who are backed up by our IT, Compliance, Marketing and Partner Support teams.

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