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Our most popular home loan calculators

We’ve put together a collection of over 20 calculators that will allow you to work through a number of scenarios to help plan your financial situation.

Loan repayment calculator

Estimate your home loan repayments and to repay it faster.

Stamp duty

Find out how much stamp duty you’ll have to pay on a home.

Borrowing power

Use your details to estimate how much you could borrow.

Income annualisation calculator

Work out your annual income from the money you’ve received so far this year.

Loan comparison

Adjust rates and terms to compare different home loans.

*Please note the results from each calculator should be used as an indication only, for more detailed information we recommend speaking directly with an Australian Finance Group mortgage broker.

Still a little confused?​

An AFG mortgage broker would be happy to assist you. Get in touch and we’ll connect you with a broker located nearby.