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Women in broking

We’ve got some big numbers on our books with over 3000 brokers around the country. And it’s no surprise we attract some of the best names in the business.

One particular number we’re super keen to see growing is the number of female brokers in the industry and at AFG. The finance game has traditionally been known as a male dominated industry, but it’s one that has been changing rapidly with the number of female entrants on the rise.

This is so rewarding to see given the benefits of diversity in business. Diversity and inclusion drives a business’s ability to attract, retain, motivate and develop the best talent, create an engaged workforce, deliver the highest quality services to customers and continue to grow.

Today, around 25% of our brokers around the country are women. Whilst this is a great number, we’re keen to see it double.

Diversity is so important when it comes to business, it’s widely regarded as a key driver of business growth, one that helps foster creativity and innovation. It drives better business decisions and it gives companies a key competitive advantage. When it comes to people, a broad set of experiences and different ways of looking at things often lead to more points of view, better ideas, faster ways of solving problems or ways to leverage opportunities.

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Inspiring interviews with high achieving women in broking

With so many of our best brokers being female, we wanted to share with you some of the reasons they enjoy working in the field they do, what inspires them, and what makes them so successful, their stories are below.

Amber Linzner

Amber Linzner

We interview Amber Linzner, Founding Director and Senior Mortgage Advisor of AKL Finance Group, in Melbourne.

Katrina Rowlands

An interview with Katrina Rowlands, director of Mortgage Success, in Wollongong.

Marissa Schulze

We interview Marissa Schulze, Director and Mortgage & Finance Adviser of Rise High Financial Solutions, in Adelaide.

Michelle Towner

We interview Michelle Towner, Director of Towner Finance, in Perth.

AFG Broker Bridget Macgregor

Bridget MacGregor

We interview Bridget MacGregor, Founder and Director of her own financial brokerage, Vision Money, operating in Darwin and Brisbane.

It’s the same within any industry: you need diversification – different genres, backgrounds and belief systems. Not everyone will be able to relate to a male broker, just like not everyone will want to work with or can relate to a female broker.

Bridget MacGregor, Vision Money

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