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Always be learning.
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Our learning and development platform has repeatedly been awarded the best in the industry. It has all your essentials and CPD covered. But it’s the ability to fast-track your skills across strategy and business management that will put you ahead of the pack.

Access the strategies used by high performing brokers

Top brokers use a learning and development platform to optimise their business management, strategy, and processes. Inside our learning and development platform you’ll find hundreds of courses to help you grow throughout all stages of your career.

We’re invested in your future

We’ll always be proud when we can help our brokers go further. That’s why we’re continually striving to have the leading learning and development program in the market.


Growth on demand

What are the skills you need to learn today to ensure tomorrow’s success?

With over 1000 courses, webinars and events, all accessed via a personalised Learn dashboard, we’ve got the content to take you further, whatever your career stage.

Learn courses

to progress your career and education.

Know how changes in compliance affect you

with concise regulatory updates from AFG’s expert compliance team.

National webinars

to understand best practice from real brokers and experts.

Provide outstanding customer experiences

with regular lender updates with the latest information about their niche and product changes.

State based events

to train locally and build your network.

Get down to business quickly

with dedicated learning pathways that upskill you across all our AFG technology and systems.

Events to keep you connected, informed and inspired

Our extensive events program is built on decades of industry experience to provide you with business growth sessions, networking and peer learning opportunities, real-world insights and unrivalled event experiences.

Make the end of year CPD scramble a thing of the past

Enjoy automated CPD tracking with points allocated from our courses, webinars and events. View your progress any time to make sure you’re working towards completing your annual target. This is a game-changer.

AFG’s learning and development programs have helped me see things from a different perspective. They have broadened my view and provided me with different insights and ways of tackling problems that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. These programs are a valuable experience, and I have made several improvements to my business after attending them. The webinars and Learn courses are such an easy and engaging way of ensuring that my team and I are always up-to-date with the latest in the industry.

It’s time for a different approach

Access an entire program that can fast-track your skills and accelerate your business.

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