We’re committed to making a positive contribution to environmental sustainability through our actions, policies, supply chain and interactions with customers and brokers.

Our environmental sustainability objectives​

We aim to positively contribute to environmental sustainability in the following ways:

Evaluate our greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint ​

Reduce electricity consumption, reduce waste and increase recycling in our buildings 

Reduce greenhouse gas and carbon emissions by working with sustainable partners and suppliers

Minimise carbon intensive travel options and encourage adoption and use of video and teleconference style meetings

Educate and assist AFG brokers by developing and identifying products and services which help to reduce their carbon footprint including through travel, waste and paper usage

Develop our procurement processes so that environmental and social impacts are a key consideration when engaging with our supply chain

Our climate commitment

AFG recognises that addressing the threat posed by climate change requires immediate and urgent action. We recognise that failing to address these risks will have catastrophic risks for the environment and economy. AFG therefore supports the global transition to net zero emissions by 2050 in alignment with the Paris Agreement. AFG is on a journey to reduce its own emissions and will work with our staff, customers and communities to drive wider positive impact.


AFG’s securitised lending arm AFG Securities Pty Ltd is a servicer and manager of residential home loans and therefore does not lend directly to the fossil fuels industry, including coal or coal products, natural or derived gas, crude oil, petroleum products and non-renewable wastes. Similarly, AFG Securities Pty Ltd does not lend directly to companies involved with native forest logging.

AFG has a minority interest in securitised lender ThinkTank Group Pty Ltd which also does not lend directly to these industries.

While these associated companies do not lend directly to these industries, some of their loan customers may be employees of such businesses, which would not exclude them from borrowing from these lenders.

Environmental sustainability

We aim to positively contribute to environmental sustainability and are constantly seeking new initiatives to improve on our established efforts.


Sustainable Partnerships & Supply Chain

Bank-Australia logo

Bank Australia is the bank for people who believe in a fair and just world. We work with our customers to use their money as a force for good. We are here to benefit both our customer, their communities and the planet. All our products, i.e. loan and deposit offerings, are certified as ‘’responsible’’ by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia.

We also use the term “clean money’’; we say our money is ‘’clean’’ because we never loan money to industries that do harm, like fossil fuels, gambling, live animal exports, etc. and all of our loans are subject to our Responsible Banking Policy. As a bank we seek to lend to those who have a positive impact, such as individual customers, clean energy transition, as well as community and disability housing.

Notwithstanding the above we also have our Clean Energy Home Loan (CEHL) which offers an incentive for those customers who are buying or building 7 star + (green homes) or who are considering making ambitious green upgrades – eligible customers can receive a discount on their interest rate for up to five years on this product.

Details of our CEHL product are available here.

The current interest rate table, LVR bands and residential loan table are available on our Broker Support website.

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