SMARTer integration and automation

Our SMART program is unique. You won’t find it anywhere else. We know because we built it. SMART is completely integrated into your lodgement engine — simply process your leads and applications then any aspects of the SMART program that you’ve chosen to utilise are automatically triggered.

That means your leads are reminded of the benefits of having you on their side, your customers are reminded to get in touch with you at crucial times in the life of their home loan, and you can easily see how your book compares to the combined $133B nationally or at a state level.

Not one of our 1,400 brokers already on SMART? Do you have your own marketing support services you are paying money for? How can SMART help?

Here is a sample of the services all included under the SMART umbrella:

  • Copywriting of marketing material.
  • Design and copywriting of social media materials — ready for you to post.
  • Writing, scheduling, triggering and sending emails to;
    • Welcome new entrants to your database.
    • Inform your database of RBA movements within minutes of each announcement.
    • Thank your customers at lodgement.
    • Thank your customers at settlement.
    • Many more automatically triggered email events.
  • Running a competition to increase the response rate of your settlement feedback.
  • Writing, designing and posting or emailing a lifestyle newsletter publication to your database.
  • Analysing data to find the catalysts for a discharge and triggering a communication at the right time with the right message to
    your customers.

The question we ask is, can you afford not to be on SMART?

For our brokers who use our SMART marketing program, the results speak for themselves. As the graph above illustrates, on average our brokers on SMART are now seeing well over double the cumulative portfolio growth of our brokers yet to join.

Our broker portfolio growth can stem from many things including that we think we recruit Australia’s best in the business and have an increasing market share of the country’s brokers. It could well also stem from the fact that the SMART campaigns, websites, analytics and materials work so well and help deliver this impressive growth differential. Regardless, there is no question SMART is helping the trend and we like to think we’re a key driver behind these great results our brokers are enjoying!