Planning to delight your customers, a guide for brokers

Investing in customer experience could be the growth driver you need for your business. But it’s not as simple as providing good service, you need to plan to delight your customers.

High-performing brokers build their business around the customer. They clearly understand what their business stands for, its mission, and how it delivers an exceptional experience to clients.

Them Lam, AFG’s Head of Strategic Partners and Recruitment, believes customer experience is the new marketing.

“Providing a good customer experience isn’t a differentiator; it’s the minimum your customers expect,” he says. “To drive repeat business and referrals, your service must exceed your customer’s expectations.”

Typically, referrals make up a significant part of new business opportunities; for some brokers, this can be the majority of their new leads. Customer experience could be the critical lever for growing your business and its most significant revenue growth opportunity.

Transform your customers’ experience

Nicole Cannon of Pink Finance explains how people are the heart of her business. “People come to us looking for guidance and support. They also want something that’s personalised. Everyone does their own research online before they see a broker. So, they have their own knowledge. But you don’t know what you don’t know. Educating clients is a big part of what we do, and we usually find that education is what clients are really looking for. They want to feel confident and at ease in what can be a stressful and overwhelming time.”

“Constant communication is key. The best way to satisfy your customers is with consistent, regular, and helpful communication. Updating clients at every stage of the process – before they prompt you – exceeds their expectations. We get great feedback from our clients about how well the whole team communicates, some of which is automated.”

The opening night principle

The opening night principle’s simple. Most people when they go to a show that might run 300 times on Broadway, will only go once. If you’re delivering the show, you need to make sure everyone gets the same performance, the best performance on the night. If you saw 30 customers this month, did they all get the best? Or did five of them get really good service, but the other 25 get poor service because you were too busy or your staff weren’t following the process?

Want to deliver the opening night performance, every time?

Download our guide to Customer Experience and Workflow Optimisation to create customer experiences that keep them coming back.

Learn why creating repeatable customer experiences could be your biggest growth opportunity.

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Learn why creating repeatable customer experiences could be your biggest revenue growth opportunity.

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