The ABC Guide to Better Business Growth

“ABC… it’s as easy as…”

If you’re humming the tune of ABC by the Jackson 5, you’re not alone. And they were right when they said it’s easy.

Helping fuel growth

It’s easy to build your business in a smart and efficient way when you make the most of the innovation and the initiatives AFG undertakes on your behalf. It’s easy because we provide training, tools, automation and integration to satisfy so many of your requirements, help mitigate the risks and leverage the opportunities.

Helping fuel competition

With growth comes success, and we’ve got a lot of success to celebrate. Broker market share continues to grow, with the AFG broker network seeing solid growth in a very competitive space, with a combined loan book that today sits at over $133B.

We also celebrate the competition and good consumer outcomes we as mortgage brokers bring to the Australian marketplace. In an increasingly complex lending landscape, mortgage brokers are working in the interests of consumers trying to negotiate one of the biggest financial decisions they will likely make, whether on the residential or the commercial front. The probability of those consumers knowing the options available to them without you and the broker channel is remote.

Your value proposition as a broker remains strong. Consumer appetite for choice and competition is high.

We all need to make sure we are doing what we can to continue to provide great outcomes for customers and build strong resilient businesses. It’s important not to be complacent and let our success stop us from continuing to improve. In an industry that can change as quickly as ours, innovation and constant re-assessment of processes and customer experience are key.

Not only are we bringing more competition to the table, we’re also helping you diversify your income to protect against, and best leverage both an ever-changing lender market and ever-changing consumer behaviours.

What more does the future hold? We’ll continue to help you stay ahead of the curve and the pack when it comes to smart growth strategies, helping you meet increasing legal and regulatory obligations, all whilst leveraging tomorrow’s technology.

If you’re keen to read more, scroll to download the PDF version of our brochure available at our recent National Broker Conference. It covers topics such as automating business growth, diversifying your business, and custom digital solutions.

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