Save on electricity bill – switch on to power savings

With electricity costs rising and temperatures dipping, now is the perfect time to get charged up about changing your home habits.

We’ve put together our top tips to help take the shock out of your next electricity bill and help you save on electricity bill. You might be surprised how seemingly small changes can add up to big savings over a year.

1. Turn off at the wall
Did you know we waste electricity when we’re not
even using our appliances? Make sure you turn your microwave, washing machine, dryer and television(s) off at the power point when not in use and look forward to around $180 in savings each year.

2. Fill as you go
If you love several cuppas a day, boil just the water you need. Filling and boiling the jug unnecessarily five times a day chews up more than $50 of electricity a year.

3. Hang out
Clothes dryers are some of the hungriest appliances when it comes to energy use. You can shrink your annual bill by around $300 by hanging your laundry out to dry. If the weather is too wet, buy a clothes horse for indoors or hang items on a shower rail. If you have to use the dryer, clean it after each use. A lint-clogged dryer will use up to twice the energy to get the job done.

4. Cold wash
While we’re still in the laundry, if you have an electric hot water system and wash in warm or hot water, you’re probably forking out an extra $100 a year. Switch to cold and watch the savings flow.

5. Keep your cool
Fridges eat through plenty of electricity. Make sure yours is running as efficiently as possible by checking the door seals are air tight, and set the fridge temperature to four or five °C and the freezer between -15 and -18°C. Every degree lower increases energy costs by around five per cent. If you have a second fridge, only turn it on when necessary. Left running continually, it will cost you about $250 a year.

6. Global switch
Replace incandescent light globes with energy-efficient ones. They not only use up to 80 per cent less energy, but last longer, so you get to save twice.

7. Shut down
Turn off your computer when you’re not using it and save up to $60 a quarter.

8. Lights off
There used to be an urban myth that it costs more to turn lights on and off, so best to just leave them on. Thankfully that myth has been busted. If you’re not in the room, turn off the lights. You’ll save around $80 a year.

9. Hot water
Install a solar-boosted hot water system and save up to 90 per cent on electric hot water costs when the sun is shining. If you’re running an electric system, set it at 65°C or lower to keep costs in hand and turn it off if heading away for a week or more.

10. Off peak
Take advantage of cheaper off-peak rates and switch the dishwasher and washing machine on after 10pm. Make sure you only put on full loads.

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