2019 Western Australia Broker Excellence Awards

Thank you to everyone who attended the WA Broker Excellence Awards function!

Congratulations to all our award finalists and winners in each category for 2019. Well done on all your hard work, and we look forward to another successful year together. See below for full coverage of finalists, winners and photos from the event!



Broker Group of the Year


  • Amani Finance
  • Better Choice Mortgage Services 
  • Capita Finance Solutions 
  • Elite Finance Australia 
  • Habitat Finance & Insurance 
  • IFG Home Loans
  • Lifespan Mortgage Services 
  • Loanmonster 
  • Mortgage Australia Group 
  • NichelivingHome Loans  
  • North West Finance (WA)
  • Peard Finance 
  • Professionals Finance 
  • St James Finance Corporation 
  • Towner Finance 

3rd place: Lifespan Mortgage Services

2nd place: Capita Finance Solutions

Broker Group of the Year – Better Choice Mortgage Services


Broker of the Year 


  • Adam Donald of Capita Finance Solutions
  • Belinda Bradshaw of North West Finance (WA)
  • David Moore of Lifespan Mortgage Services
  • Ehren Scully of Infinite Finance Australia
  • Jonni Chin of Wealth Plus Lending
  • Joshua De Buelle of Finext
  • Kevin Gomer of Nicheliving Home Loans
  • Maninder Sidhu of Mortgage Australia Group
  • Matthew Posselt of Elite Finance Australia
  • Mayank Pankhania of Amani Finance
  • Michelle Towner of Towner Finance
  • Narinder Singh of Indoz Finance
  • Paul Hamilton of Peard Finance
  • Phillip Nguyen of IFG Home Loans
  • Rory Cowman of Habitat Finance & Insurance
  • Sheamus Walsh of St James Finance Corporation
  • Steve Vicary of White Knight Finance
  • Taj Singh of Mortgage Australia Group
  • Vic Giannakis of Better Choice Mortgage Services
  • Zac Janceski of Capita Finance Solutions

3rd place: Michelle Towner of Towner Finance

2nd place: Belinda Bradshaw of North West Finance

Broker of the Year – Adam Donald of Capita Finance Solutions  


Broker Group of the Year (Personal Loans)


  • Financemi 
  • Flawless Financial Services
  • Simply Finance Solutions
Broker Group of the Year (Personal Loans) –  Financemi


Broker of the Year (Equipment Finance)


  • Michael Dann ofEpic Finance 
  • Paul McKinleyof Finance 48 
  • Rob De Laeter ofSt James Finance Corporation 
Broker of the Year (Equipment Finance) – Michael Dann of Epic Finance


Broker of the Year – Commercial Finance  


  • Andrew McIntyre ofCrediflex 
  • Marco Buonaiutoof Yaran Finance 
  • Rob DeLaeter of St James Finance Corporation 
Broker of the Year (Commercial Finance) –  Rob De Laeter of St James Finance Corporation 


Hall of Fame  

  • Leo Rossitto of Form Finance
  • Michelle Baumanis of Voyage Wealth
  • Paul Hamilton of Peard Finance
  • Rob Perks-Hewitt of Fifth Avenue Finance Group (WA) 


Regional Broker of the Year 


  • Belinda Bradshaw ofNorthwest Finance
  • Cheryl Woods of FiNEXT
  • Russell Briggs ofTotal Finance
Broker of the Year (Regional) – Belinda Bradshaw of Northwest Finance


Rising Star  


  • EhrenScully of Infinite Finance Australia 
  • Narinder Singh ofIndoz Finance 
  • Reece Sacinoof Equitas Mortgage and Finance
Rising Star – Narinder Singh of Indoz Finance 


Broker Group of the Year: 1 – 3 Loan Writers 


  • Habitat Finance & Insurance 
  • NichelivingHome Loans  
  • Top Mortgages 
  • Towner Finance 
Broker Group of the Year (1-3 Loan Writers) – Habitat Finance & Insurance 
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