Brokering a
better future

For 29 years we have been on a mission to create a fairer financial future for Australians. And that starts with providing our brokers with unwavering support, powerful tools, and passionate expertise to grow their business, their future and grab hold of their dreams. 

Our tools are built with your business in mind

Do it all with Suite360

Suite360 is your single stop for broker technology. We’ve packaged together our most powerful technology and tools into one integrated technology suite.

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Suite360 – Dashboard - Animation

We're proud of our awards

But we’re even prouder of what those awards represent: our commitment to our brokers, their business and their customers.


We’ve been delivering business solutions for our partners for decades. We’ve helped people grow and start their businesses, enjoy a good holiday, buy their first house and we’ve even stopped a few grey hairs along the way.

Here’s what our brokers have to say…

AFG first recruited me in 2010 and since then, have given me the confidence to start from a ‘newbie’ to a senior broker, then award-winning broker and now business owner. At each step, AFG had the staff that could guide me through each one of those milestones and assisted with templates/systems that I could use to help map out each and every step. This gave me almost ‘blind confidence’ to push through each of these so that I could fulfil my potential.

AFG Broker Joshua De Buelle

Joshua De Buelle​

Principal, FiNEXT​

Helping you be the best in the business​

Top brokers all tell us that getting your training and development right is the difference between leading the pack and getting left behind. 

your professional development team
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Be the brand you’ve always wanted to be​

Take your business to the next level with beautiful branded campaigns, emails and a well-designed website that will grow your audience and attract more customers — all without lifting a finger.

Exclusive products, just for your customers​

With your own AFG Home Loans product line, you’ll get exclusive product options from four lenders that will suit a large range of customer types and scenarios.

your team
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Surround yourself with experts​

If you partner with us, you have access to over 200 industry experts. That’s 200 clever brains on call to help you grow your business or just put your mind at ease.

Go far.
Go together.

For over 29 years, AFG has stood side-by-side with brokers, the industry and now we want to stand with you. We are always working to support and guide our brokers on an upward trajectory.

Our commitment to you is this – we will put you and your business first; and if you’ve got a problem, we will help you solve it.

It is your business, your dream, and your future – but together with AFG, you can go further.

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

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