What do the top referral partners look for?

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Above all, they want to know how a broker will complement their business.

While some referral partners – for example Agri Consultants – may require specific expertise, generally referral partners are looking for:

  • A trusted partner: If a partner is handing over their client, they need to trust you will treat them well and get them a great deal.
  • Proof: After the referral, there is no better way to prove your value than a happy customer. Share that positive review with the referrer, and it won’t be the last lead you receive.
  • Simple systems & processes: Referrers want it to be easy to make a referral, and they want to be kept up to date with how the referral is progressing.
  • Adding value: Be clear about how the partnership can add value to the referrer’s business and complement their sales process.
  • Reciprocating referrals: Can you give a referral to receive a referral? If you can cross-promote a trusted partner to your network, it proves to that referrer you’re serious about this being a mutually beneficial partnership.

Choosing a referral partner

Different referral partners can add different value to your business, depending on your particular area of expertise.

For example, the value of a potential referrer will be different for residential and commercial mortgage brokers, or those who specialise in agribusiness.

Real estate agents and builders are a natural fit for a residential broker’s referral network, as the processes each follow for a property transaction rely on one another. Mutual referrals from real estate agents and builders can mean more business for everyone and a happy client receiving the best value.

Financial services can also provide value to a broker. An accountant or financial advisor has regular meetings with their clients and, where possible, tries to save them money. If a client is considering changing lenders, an accountant or financial advisor who can refer to a trusted broker will find value for their client while providing value for your business.

Conducting a referrer background check

Just as referrers are likely to do their homework on your business before agreeing to a partnership, you should also do your due diligence on potential new referrers.


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