The successful loan writer’s playbook

Discover what it takes to be a successful loan writer and the plays that will help you set good routines, improve outcomes, and guide you towards success. Gain clarity, purpose, and time back in your day not just to accomplish more tasks but to do them better.

What’s covered in the video:
Improve your Google review strike rate 4:15 – 6:15
Condense your client meetings 6:20 – 7:55
Become a one-touch storyteller 9:45 – 11:10
Reduce your clawbacks 11:10 – 13:30
Drive quality leads 21:50 – 23:50
Speed up approval times 33:45 – 34:35

Improve your Google review strike rate

Google reviews are a powerful tool to leverage what your clients say about your service to set yourself apart from the market and attract new clients. Instead of waiting until the settlement stage, when they are busy moving house and juggling other tasks, seize the opportunity earlier during a high moment in your service, like when their loan is approved. Call them to celebrate the good news and then ask for a review. Follow up afterwards with a personal text including the link to make it easy for them and improve your success rate.

Condense your client meetings

Streamlining your meeting times can be a game changer if you feel like you’re always chasing your tail. Try cutting down your client meetings to 45 minutes – this not only saves time but may allow you to fit in more clients. Imagine how much time you could save each day, week and month.

Shorter, focused meetings could also increase the chances of you and your client leaving with a sense of value and time well spent. Particularly if you establish a meeting framework to help keep meetings on track and get the outcomes you need to move deals forward.

Example 45-minute meeting structure

  • 10–15 minutes: Capital and capacity and what they can and can’t do. 
  • 10–15 minutes: Character what makes them a good borrower and why the bank should lend them the money. 
  • 10–15 minutes: Conditions and collateral that can influence the lender’s decision to give them the finance. 
Whatever you can say in an hour, you can often say in 45 minutes. The reality is, you can still build as strong of a connection with your client as you would’ve if the meeting was an hour or longer.
Ruan Berger
Ruan Burger
Success and Broker

Become a one-touch storyteller

Before you submit each application, remind yourself that the credit analyst relies on the information you provide to make a decision, they don’t get an opportunity to meet your client. Tell a story so they get to know your client, rather than the application feeling like an impromptu proposition. Your chance for a smooth approval process relies on your storytelling skills and ability to convince the credit assessor to connect with the narrative. 

Consider it as if it were your own money – would you lend it? If you’re not confident, why would you expect the lender to be? Asking these questions is a good way to assess whether your time is worth investing in this client and application. 

Reduce your clawbacks

Step up and offer your clients, lenders and team the best version of yourself. Be mindful of the energy you bring to client meetings and recognise the value of their time and attention. 

Once a client agrees to your proposal this is when you really need to step it up and start to work for them. Commit to building a strong connection and trust early to reduce the risk of a clawback and increase the likelihood of repeat business. 

Consider planning your schedule to allocate specific times or days for client engagement, administrative tasks and business development. This proactive approach will help you manage your energy to show up when it matters and make the most of each day. 

Always on marketing, even when you’re off.

Looking for an automated marketing engine that emails your customers at the critical moments during their loan lifecycle?

Drive quality leads

If your lead flow is inconsistent or the quality isn’t up to scratch, consider establishing a solid referral partnership with a real estate professional. They can be a lucrative source of leads for brokers looking to sustain and grow their business. Real estate professionals are a natural fit for a residential broker’s referral network as the completion of a property transaction relies on and benefits each party. 

Mutual referrals can lead to more business for all parties involved and help clients to receive a smoother process and added value. Invest your time cultivating these relationships instead of getting frustrated with lead generation challenges.

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