Social media and your free weekly schedule

Have you set up your social media business pages and run out of energy or time to keep them current and updated? Don’t be ashamed, it’s ok to admit it. You’re not the only one! Many of our members tell us they just don’t have the time for social media. We hear you, you’re busy lodging deals and working through solutions for your customers. So we’ve put together a quick easy weekly timetable that you can follow to ensure that your business is kept current in the online world.  

Before you start with the schedule, ensure you have decided on which networks will work for you. Do have a read through our social media guides on Learn to get a taste for what each network can do for your business and make a choice on which to use. We would advise that at a minimum, you have a Facebook and LinkedIn page set up for your business.

If you don’t have the time to get on LinkedIn with regular posts or shares then at a minimum do make sure your business profile is up-to-date, give people a way to contact you and leave it at that. The page will still come up in search results occasionally and those looking for you on LinkedIn will see that you’re a professional business and know where to find the most up-to-date information.

Click here to download a simple PDF version of our helpful weekly social media schedule of the tasks we suggest you or someone in your business completes at a minimum to keep your Facebook running smoothly. You will notice in social media, the week starts on a Friday. This is to avoid the Monday worry of not having a post ready.

We encourage you to also look at your analytics pages on a monthly basis to keep in touch with the post types and topics that work with your followers.

Don’t forget that if you’re a member of AFG’s SMART Marketing program then you have plenty of content already created for you on your SMART website, Haven, Rate Alert and make sure you read through all the guides and tips on sharing this information to make the most of the resources. Enquiries entered on your SMART website go straight into Flex so be sure to link through to that page when you can to minimise your time spent entering information, we’ve automated this for you 

If you have a question about social media and you’ve already read through all our guides and tips then you can contact your BDM, PM or Member Support for more information.

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