SMART Terms & Conditions

Issued 13 September 2021

In these Terms and Conditions of Use, the expressions weus and our mean Australian Finance Group Ltd ABN 11 066 385 822 (AFG) Australian Credit Licence 389087 and any related entity.

Business SMART

The SMART Program is the AFG marketing platform which includes targeted marketing campaigns, activities and services to assist AFG brokers.

AFG is offering an additional suite of SMART Campaigns called Business SMART. This is available to AFG Business accredited brokers who take advantage of the SMART Program. SMART Business is targeted marketing campaigns and communications to support and promote AFG Business accredited brokers business finance offering through the AFG Business platform.

The following terms and conditions apply if you elect to participate in Business SMART:

  1. You must be an AFG Business accredited broker to be eligible to participate in Business SMART.
  2. If your AFG Business accreditation is cancelled, suspended or terminated, AFG will immediately withdraw your access to Business SMART.
  3. You must be participating in the SMART Program to be eligible to participate in Business SMART. If at any time you cancel your participation in, or your access is withdrawn to, the SMART Program, AFG will withdraw your access to Business SMART.
  4. AFG may, in its sole discretion, allow you to participate in Business SMART without participating in the SMART Program.
  5. You agree to pay the applicable fees and costs relating to Business SMART by the same payment method as you pay for the SMART Program or as notified in writing to AFG. The Business SMART fees and costs are set out in Help.
  6. You may give AFG 30 days’ notice in writing at any time to cancel your participation in Business SMART.
  7. You agree that the terms and conditions set out in the Member Marketing Schedule that has been signed by the Member in respect of your participation in the SMART Program apply to your participation in Business SMART. You acknowledge that if the Member Marketing Schedule is terminated you will no longer be entitled to access Business SMART.
  8. AFG may require the Member in respect of your participation in the SMART Program to agree for you to participate in Business SMART on these terms and conditions.
  9. AFG may terminate Business SMART as part of the SMART Program at any time in its sole discretion by giving at least 30 days notice in writing.
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