Onshore or offshore outsourcing as a mortgage broker

Thinking of expanding your support structure but don’t want to employ directly in-house? The number one question we always get from brokers is, ‘Should I outsource onshore or offshore?’ 

In this article, we look at some of the pros and cons of either model.  

There is a diverse range of admin support providers available, both onshore and offshore. These companies can provide you with services ranging from outsourcing specific tasks such as basic data entry right through to the full-service end-to-end loan processing so you can stay focused on serving clients and driving new business. 

Onshore Support Considerations  


  • Usually in the same or very similar time zone, which can be beneficial for urgent matters and quick turnaround times.  
  • Can potentially facilitate better communication and collaboration between you, your clients, and your team. 
  • Possibly easier to manage them and their activities on a daily basis. 
  • Generally, more cost-efficient than hiring a full-time person within your office. 
  • May be more familiar with Australian business culture, processes, local regulations and compliance requirements. 


  • The costs associated with Australian based admin support are generally higher than offshore due to higher wages, taxes, and other overhead expenses. 
  • Finding an onshore admin support person with the right skills and experience may be more challenging. 
  • An onshore admin support person may not be bilingual, which can be a drawback if you have a diverse client base. 


Offshore Support Considerations 


  • Often significantly less expensive than onshore staff (in some instances between 50-70% cheaper than an Australian-based employee), which can result in cost savings for your business. 
  • An offshore admin support person may be bilingual or multilingual, which can be beneficial if you have clients who speak other languages. 
  • Potentially sourced from a larger pool of well-educated, skilled and process-driven workforce, perfect for assisting in end-to-end loan processing where a clear process is in place. 


  • Not all providers are familiar with the Australian business culture which can make it more difficult to complete lender follow-up. 
  • Potential language barriers between offshore staff, brokers and lenders. 
  • “The tyranny of time & distance” can mean it is less straightforward to conduct due-diligence on potential providers for your business. Staff members are also sometimes working business hours within their time zone meaning a mismatch of business hours which could result in delays or missed deadlines. 
  • Business continuity can sometimes be disrupted by issues specific to the local environment of the provider e.g. local public holidays and religious events, cyclones and flooding in monsoon climates and separate pandemic-restrictions. 
  • The quality of work can vary, which can be a concern if you need reliable and consistent support. 
  • Standards in relation to cybersecurity, data protection and confidentiality can vary substantially between offshore companies. 

Do be aware that there are various Australian-owned businesses which can provide overseas-based support staff. These companies are required to comply with Australian laws and standards, and typically are head officed onshore, whilst also operating offshore operations. This allows you to engage with an Australian-registered company whilst potentially accessing the lower costs associated with offshore staff. 

This isn’t a comprehensive review but a snapshot of considerations if you are venturing down this path. As an AFG broker our compliance and Partnership Management team are here to help with a range of approved and audited providers to give you confidence in your decisions.  

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