How to get the most out of your broker learning

Broadening your knowledge and skills through learning and development that offer plenty of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points is the right way to go.

To properly maintain, improve and broaden your skills and knowledge as a broker every year, you’ll need to embark on learning and development opportunities that will help you to make the most of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

So, tell me more about these sweet, sweet CPD points

CPD points are how you will measure your learning and development activities as a broker.

Make friends with the concept of CPD points from day one, they’re going to be the easiest way of tracking the training you’re undertaking to refine your expertise and perform to the very best of your ability.

If you become a broker or a credit representative with AFG you’ll need to complete CPD points through us by the end of each financial year. These are accumulated on a pro-rata basis.

The CPD training you undergo through AFG will also factor into your annual CPD requirements as a member of a professional industry association (which will be either MFAA or FBAA).

Add new strings to your bow through learning and development

  • You can maintain and improve everything they know about the mortgage broking industry;
  • You’ll be discovering a variety of new skills that you’ll have the time to develop;
  • You’ll be set up to excel in the broker world with newfound qualities that’ll help you start performing at an optimal level;
  • You can stay current with lender products and policies;
  • You’ll be able to keep across updates that may change the way the broking industry operates.

Want to take your learning and development to the next level?

At AFG, our dedicated award-winning learning management system Learn contains a library of at thousands of courses on offer to choose from. This is part of its interactive training across a full suite of systems and tools.

What’s learning without a little variation?

There are a few different learning pathways you can consider as a new broker:

  • Formal activities: such as accredited industry events and seminars, completion of relevant qualifications or training.
  • Informal activities: such as online webinars and courses, face-to-face workshops, or reading industry content.
  • Peer and professional interaction: such as mentoring another broker or being mentored by an experienced broker.

Note: If you become an AFG credit representative, your yearly CPD points must come exclusively from AFG training and will be automatically recorded in Learn, regardless of whether they’re e-learning courses, online events, or face-to-face sessions.

The AFG learning and development experience

“When you join AFG, the learning and development opportunities are unparalleled. You will be immersed in activities throughout your journey as an AFG broker that will help you easily stay up to date with all aspects of the mortgage broking industry, as well as learning new skills to get the best out of you and your business.

You’ll start your journey as a broker with newfound confidence as your onboarding training will guide you everything you’ll need to hit the ground running.”

Peter Kailis, National Learning & Development Manager

Before you go…

If you’re interested in becoming a broker through AFG, you’ll find we put your learning opportunities first from day one.

When you join us, you’ll be part of a broker induction session. This covers a range of topics that’ll help you get started with us, and you’ll earn CPD points just for attending this session. How great is that!


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