How a banker-turned broker accumulated 300 five-star Google reviews

Keith Ho founded JKK Solutions in Victoria in 2017 along with two other passionate ex-bankers who felt it was time for a change.

“I used to work as people leader at a major bank. I felt I could do more for my customers, as I was so passionate in the lending world, and that is why I quit my job at the bank and started my business. I fully believe that we can do more for our customers than just delivering a ‘no, sorry we can’t help at this stage.’”

“At JKK Solutions, we believe that we are no ordinary mortgage broker because, for us, it’s more than a loan deal – it’s about providing a personalised service for every client, setting a new standard of trust and value.”

A customer first-approach

Keith put great emphasis on structuring his processes around earning relationships rather than expecting them. By adopting this personalised, multi-faceted approach, JKK Solutions go above and beyond to offer the best service to their clients.

“I am passionate to best serve my customers, and generally, I have always been a determined and result-driven person. All of us at JKK Solutions enjoy structuring complex transactions, and we have focused on building creditability and a great working relationship with BDM’s and bankers. We want our customers to see our brokers as trusted advisors, so that they don’t feel they can only talk to us in a transactional way, but they see the value we have added to their lending journey.”

Diversifying and expanding the business

When he started as a broker, Keith worked hard, dedicating time to get to grips with lender policies within a short time frame. Luckily for Keith, this paid off and he developed a stable customer base that trusted his services. As time went on, Keith explains, the business started to evolve:

“We diversified the business so that it had comprehensive offerings to fulfil all types of customers’ need, ranging from residential, commercial, working capital, development finance and full product suite of asset finance. The sense of fulfilment in diversifying our business has made life as a broker very rewarding.”

Keith explains that the business growth has been so strong for JKK Solutions that they have had to upscale their business:

“We moved to a more strategically appropriate office location in Waverly, Victoria, we have recruited five more full time staff as well as an offshore team to facilitate our growth. We have also invested in a technology which has brought additional time for us to spend with our customers and our key referral partners. This has also freed up at least five hours a week for each of our mortgage brokers, giving them space to streamline our service offerings for each client” he says.

“With our enormous growth, our team had a complete rethink in 2021, and rebuilt our operations to be more customer-centric than ever. We enabled our team to spend more time on what they do best: servicing our clients, and less on admin.”

A summary of Keith’s success

All the hard work that Keith and his team have been doing at JKK Solutions has really paid off, amongst the incredible achievements they have amassed includes:

  • Over 300 five-star google reviews, proving that their approach has resulted in great customer service satisfaction,
  • An MPA Young Gun for 2020,
  • Being finalists for AFG Awards in 2018, 2020 and 2021, and an Excellence Awards Winner in 2021,
  • Being finalists for the Better Business Award for independent broker office in 2021 and 2022 and a finalist for a Rising Star Award for 2021,
  • Being shortlisted in the Australian Broking Awards for the new office of the year in 2021.

AFG’s valued support

Keith says of AFG “they have been very supportive to our business and our relationship manager Tony came and visited us almost each quarter and really got to understand our business strategy and growth. AFG always provide us with some great industry insights which are very valuable for us.”

“AFG also provided a great learning platform to make sure we are always up to date and complying with Best Interest Duty (BID) and lending compliance work. We could not have hit an 80% compliance rate without support from AFG’s compliance team.”

Thinking of joining us?

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