The essential marketing strategy for brokers

Navigating the marketing landscape as a broker can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Cat Nguyen, Managing Director of The Empirical Agency shares her top three marketing objectives for brokers to set their brokerage on the right trajectory.

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The ripple effect of social media

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How does your social media activity link back to your business goals? A successful social media strategy should help increase your brokerage’s revenue and lower your acquisition costs. Get ahead of your competition with these simple tactics:

  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Systemised lead management
  • Cross-promotion collaboration
  • Community focused content

Know where to focus your marketing efforts

In the full video each objective is broken down into actionable steps for you to implement in your brokerage.

Boost your brand

Improve your brand awareness and differentiation with social media and Google localisation.

Amplify lead generation

Build a robust lead generation engine to help you plan for the future of your brokerage.

Unlock untapped value

Leverage the work you’ve already done and maximise your existing clients’ lifetime value.

Building a lead generation engine is all about getting a predictive lead flow for your brokerage. A predictive lead flow is connected to predictive sales and revenue, allowing you to then know when you might make your next hire or investment. A lead generation engine is powerful as it allows you to plan and scale.
Cat Nguyen
The Empirical Agency


Become the master of your own marketing journey

Discover how to achieve these three core marketing objectives to propel your brokerage to new heights.

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