Keep Competition Alive

AFG has launched a campaign designed to highlight to Australians and our key policy makers the important role mortgage brokers play in providing competition to the big four lenders. This campaign focuses on the many benefits competition brings in providing choice to borrowers and keeping downward pressure on interest rates.  The competitive tension delivered by a viable mortgage broking channel is vital to help limit oligopoly behaviour in an industry that is dominated by the four major banks.

This campaign reinforces that important message and communicates the potential threat posed by the introduction of any new regulations that result in an uneven playing field being further skewed towards the major banks and away from efficiency and competition.

30 second TV commercial

The campaign begins with an intense run of television commercials appearing on Sky News. These will initially run over a two-week period, starting in late November and running into the first week of December.

A home for the campaign

As a part of the campaign we have launched a microsite that will act as a hub for customers, supporters and brokers. This has been developed to provide easy access to the key information relating to the value that mortgage brokers deliver to Australians looking to secure a home loan. The website can be found at

It’s time to contact your local MP

We’re calling on AFG Brokers, their customers and industry supporters to lend their voice to our cause by heading to On the site utilise our website tool to locate Senators and Members of Parliament to either send a message of support for the the mortgage broking industry or request a meeting to sit down and inform them of the value mortgage brokers bring to the table, the competition they drive and the great customer outcomes that mortgage brokers deliver.

If you have any questions around the campaign or would like more information please get in touch.

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