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Head of Analytics and Insights  

Vanessa Robinson

I chose data as a career path because I was looking for variety and opportunities for growth. At the time, businesses were starting to talk about data being the next “big thing”, and I wanted to be on that train. I completed post-graduate studies in data analytics and supplemented my knowledge/skills with on-the-job experience. 

My advice to someone looking to enter the field would be to have a strong understanding of the foundations of data analytics (i.e. database structures, SQL, reporting) and then move on to things like data science or architecture. I’ve worked in both commercial and IT business units and love how technology and data can be leveraged to solve business problems. 

I joined AFG because the data, opportunities and challenges sounded exciting. The culture, people and role were also important to my decision-making process. The people at AFG make it a great place to work, people are helpful and bring a wealth of knowledge to every situation. 

I hope to transform the way data is used at AFG and enable the business to unlock additional value that data holds. 

QA Lead

Joyo Varghese

I stumbled upon IT as a career. I got my first opportunity through my university, and I vividly remember my first interview, where the only question I was asked was to talk about the Olympics. During the first few months there, I felt like a bull in a china shop. I couldn’t see myself lasting more than a year. A decade later and I’m still learning and growing in this industry.

I love that technology is constantly evolving and there are always new things to explore. It’s important to be a curious, continuous learner in this industry. The people who put in the effort to learn and evolve are the most successful.

It’s great to work for an industry leader where the expectations for my role align with my own interests. I head the QA strategy and development, implementing standards and best practices. Automation has been one of the most significant opportunities, and the next big step is implementing a robust automation solution across the whole platform.

AFG is a very collaborative workplace with a focus on growing together. Some key standouts are the open communication channel with senior leaders and the fact that every win, big or small, is celebrated. AFG emphasises career development and works with you to develop your skills through mentorship from great leaders, learning programs, and certifications. At AFG, I’ve never felt like a bull in a china shop.

Solutions Architect

Liam Hughes

I didn’t have a typical journey into IT. I started in a trade before quickly realising it wasn’t for me. I always liked computers in school and did bits of coding, so that seemed like the obvious answer. I did a short course in desktop support and systems administration and then had a two-week placement at AFG. Over a decade later, I’ve never left. 

I enjoy applying logic to solve problems and being absorbed in technology day to day. A huge benefit of my role for me is that I’m often in the background – it’s essentially the opposite of retail. I’m grateful that at AFG, I gained experience in various areas to find out what I enjoy and what I am good at. 

There have always been opportunities for more than I was doing. I started at the help desk doing IT and desktop support and now lead the cloud engineering team as a solutions architect. 

We’re towards the cutting edge of technology and constantly working on different things. There’s always something new, a new challenge, a new tool or a new project. I’m proud to have been involved in the project where we moved to the cloud from on-premises and data centres. 

AFG has a great culture, everyone respects everyone, and there’s always something exciting to get involved in. 

Developer Lead

Alec Green

I’ve always enjoyed the problem-solving side of software development but wasn’t sure if a career in IT was for me. However, when I first started at AFG it was great to gain a broad level of experience to find out what I was good at and what I really enjoyed.  

A lot of my time is spent communicating with people, which keeps me engaged. I enjoy dealing with different people and often being the go-to person that people can call on. Often developers don’t get to interact with customers, so it has been great to work with them and not feel sheltered or isolated. 

It feels great to work for a well-established business that still has flexibility with opportunities. There are a lot of products, so you can build your own niche if you have experience in a certain system. 

I’m so grateful that after only being a couple of years out of University, I was given the opportunity to be a Team Lead. It’s great to work for a company that rewards based on merit and takes care of you and your career development. Everyone is always super supportive and willing to mentor and give advice. 

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