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Join a robust information technology department with over 60 staff and the resources to take on cutting-edge projects. You’ll have continuous growth opportunities to advance your career and be at the top of your game.

Play a central role in an industry leader

We challenge the status quo for mortgage brokers and their customers. Our IT team deliver a range of technologies and outstanding experiences:

  • Support our technological systems, maintain our digital and technological infrastructure and ensure that all systems function effectively
  • Deploy and maintain business applications, services and infrastructure (servers, networks, storage)
  • Monitor, optimise and troubleshoot the performance of applications, services and infrastructure
  • Oversee the security and governance of applications, services, and infrastructure

Help build the next generation of Fintech

Seize the opportunity to get involved in projects that will help shape the future of the finance industry:

  • Develop API services to better integrate approved partner systems and platforms
  • Build a next-generation home loan lodgement application for brokers
  • Implement a range of new platforms to deliver more efficient and improved experiences for brokers and customers
  • Develop the AFG Marketplace – a project to bring together and integrate our partner technologies for brokers
  • A suite of other tech projects across cyber-security, customer and broker applications and internal system
Head of Analytics and Insights

Vanessa Robinson

I chose data as a career path because I was looking for variety and opportunities for growth. At the time, businesses were starting to talk about data being the next “big thing”, and I wanted to be on that train. I completed post-graduate studies in data analytics and supplemented my knowledge/skills with on-the-job experience.

QA Lead

Joyo Varghese

AFG is a very collaborative workplace with a focus on growing together. Some key standouts are the open communication channel with senior leaders and the fact that every win, big or small, is celebrated. AFG emphasises career development and works with you to develop your skills through mentorship from great leaders, learning programs, and certifications. At AFG, I’ve never felt like a bull in a china shop. 

Solutions Architect 

Liam Hughes

We’re towards the cutting edge of technology and constantly working on different things. There’s always something new, a new challenge, a new tool or a new project. I’m proud to have been involved in the project where we moved to the cloud from on-premises and data centres

Developer Lead 

Alec Green

I’ve always enjoyed the problem solving side of software development but wasn’t sure if a career in IT was for me. However, when I first started at AFG it was great to gain a broad level of experience to find out what I was good at and what I really enjoyed.  

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Analytics & Insights

Analytics & Insights aim to ensure everyone has the data and insights they need; at the time they need it. The team collaborates with the business to provide and enable data-driven insights to help AFG decision makers and our partners execute on growth and customer experience strategic initiatives.  

Application Development (Engineering) 

Application Development consists of a diversified set of skillsets to develop a complete software system. Team members apply their engineering and programming knowledge in software development achieving applications or websites. Typical responsibilities include coding, designing, application management, troubleshooting, monitoring updates and possible security threats, and providing end user support. 

Architecture Chapter  

Architecture Chapter members are Solutions Architects (SAs) and Technical Product Owners (TPOs). They lead the design, build, and run of AFG technology systems with AFG and non-AFG people. As an analogy, think of Architecture Chapter members as Town Planners for the AFG technology landscape. 

Cloud Infrastructure and IT Operations  

Cloud Infrastructure and IT Operations manage general desktop support and some application support. The team build (via code) and run the cloud infrastructure on AWS Cloud and Oracle Cloud that underpins AFG’s in house applications.

Project Delivery  

Project Delivery provide project management standards across the business, defining the consistency and structure of projects by applying the Project Management Methodology (PMM). The team aim to ensure projects are on time and on budget and aligned with business strategy. Ultimately, doing the right things, at the right time.

SecOps Information Security   

SecOps is a practice that strives to automate important security tasks. It ensures that organisations do not compromise on security when achieving uptime and performance goals. It involves the introduction of security measures early on or at each stage of the software development life cycle (SDLC).  

Service Delivery  

Service Delivery provide general desktop support to all AFG staff. i.e. issues with laptops, phones, video conferencing and access. The team provide IT support to onboard/offboard AFG staff for all base services (email, teams, etc) and application support to users of ZenDesk, HubSpot, Jira, Confluence, Forms & Zapier.

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Due to the nature of our work, we’re always looking for Siebel Developers. If you are a Siebel Developer and interested in working for a modern, innovative and growing FinTech company with a great culture please get in touch.

We have excellent benefits including staff functions and flexible working arrangements. Read more about our values and benefits here. 


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