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Business growth doesn’t have to be complicated. Some of our leading brokers have shared their tips to help you streamline your operations, build your reputation, manage your referrals, and improve your client experience. Being a high performing broker just became easier.

Christian Stevens


Karen Hall

Action Finance Mortgage Solutions

Andrew Paterson

Aussiewide Financial Services

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Keep clients

Build loyalty early

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Retaining a client is more than just keeping in touch post-settlement, it starts from the first very interaction, reinforcing your brand and building trust. If you want to improve your ability to leave a lasting impression and retain clients make sure you:

  1. Collect feedback throughout the process to meet client expectations at every step.

  2. Reinforce to your clients all your services on offer through your marketing materials and touch points.

  3. Update your clients regularly through automated nurture campaigns.


Build your ultimate brokerage

The full video will give you tips to help you create a well-rounded, successful business.

Strong reputation & brand

Profitable referral network

Smooth operating rhythm

Clients that keep coming back

I generate millions of impressions every month organically through social media. I've never paid for a single bit of advertising the entire time I've been a broker. Over the last six years, I've got billions of dollars worth of business through social media. It's been the sole reason for my success.
Christian Stevens


Accelerate your brokerage

Hear from three high performing brokers what to focus on to turn the dial even further.

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