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There is a science to how brokers should design their workday for it to be the most effective. Discover effective strategies to optimise your hours, turbocharge your output and increase your ability to write more deals with insights from Dr. Amantha Imber.

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Science-backed strategy

Be a monotasker

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Every time you switch tasks two things happen in your brain: 

  1. Your goal shifts from the first task to the second task. 
  2. You drop the rules of how to do the first task and then you open the rules of how to do the second task. 

Research has shown that even brief mental blocks created by tasks switching can cost you as much as 40 percent of your productive time. So, if you are spending your days task switching between preparing applications to checking your emails consider the amount of time you might be wasting. 

Get more done, faster

15% of our overall job satisfaction is based on how satisfied we are with the meetings we attend. So, it’s not good enough to just say they are waste time, we need to do something about them because they impact how happy we feel at work. Often, we have one-hour meetings that start 5 minutes late. That is 8% wastage. Where else would you happily tolerate 8% wastage in a business?
Dr Amantha Imber
Organisational Psychologist


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Hear what the latest science is showing to help brokers achieve more every day.

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