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The Financial Planner's Guide to Mortgage Broking

Are you building a diverse financial services business?

There is a natural synergy between financial planning and mortgage broking that starts and ends with the customer.

This ebook will help you understand that synergy and empower you to provide extra value to your existing clients by expanding into new areas.

Mortgage brokers now write over 65% of all home loans in Australia*. Whether you want to become a broker yourself or build an adjacent business that compliments your existing offering when you partner with AFG, you’ll gain access to our panel of over 70 lenders and thousands of products.

Help me diversify my business

Download the Financial Planner’s Guide to Mortgage Broking and get insights and practical steps to help you succeed.

This guide has practical tips from financial planners and mortgage brokers which explains:

How to work together with mortgage brokers

In our guide, you will begin to understand the synergy of financial planning and mortgage broking. Mortgage broking presents a compelling career opportunity for those looking to leave wealth management, but it is also a powerful addition to a successful advice practice.

How to build a diversified financial services business

Discover how your customers will benefit from a relationship with one business that offers multiple services, rather than multiple relationships with different businesses that only provide one service.

How to leverage your experience as a broker

Your financial education has equipped you with the knowledge and expertise that gives you a distinct advantage over your competition. Discover how to best leverage your useful skills as a mortgage broker.

*Source: MFAA’s quarterly survey of leading mortgage brokers and aggregators July-September 2021.