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The mortgage broker's big advantage

If ever there was a time for residential brokers to add a commercial arm to their business, it’s now, with over $347 billion commercial loans settlements annually.

Like entering any new market, it takes time, patience and ambition to succeed. Being experienced in closing residential financing deals gives you a significant advantage for transitioning into commercial finance. In both markets, communication and understanding the customer’s needs are the keys to success.

Show me how to future-proof my income

Download the better broker’s guide to diversifying your business into commercial lending and get easy to follow practical steps to set you on the path to future proofing your income strategy.

The better broker guide to diversifying your business into commercial lending will teach you:

Discover commercial lending

The commercial lending framework – what exactly is commercial lending?

Advantages of diversification

The top three reasons why you need to diversify your business.

Mining your prospects

Simple steps to identify prospects within your existing client base.

Commercial lending provided our business with additional income streams and enabled me to broaden my knowledge.

Michael Taipi

Director/Finance Manager MT Loan Solutions

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Get the tools you need to diversify your business into commercial lending