Co-working spaces – a great option for owner-operators

Not only are there government initiatives at a federal, state and local level for those running small businesses, but there is also a growing industry of businesses whose sole purpose is to help other businesses. There are hundreds of business coaches, entrepreneur networks and a growing industry of virtual assistants for those not ready to invest in their own staff.

Small business owners around the country are also supported by a growing network of co-working spaces. Each capital city has these spaces which often provide the following for those using them:

  • WIFI
  • Printing facilities
  • Ergonomic desk and chair
  • Power for devices
  • Parking
  • Meeting facilities

In a new twist to the co-working industry, entrepreneurs have set up spaces with crèches or childcare included in the pricing. For parents of children not yet in schooling, these can be a lifesaver, allowing you to get work done while your child is entertained close by in an approved and safe location.

We’ve put together a list of links below to the top co-working spaces in our major cities. You can Google ‘co-working and créche’ to find more information on co-working spaces for parents of young children.

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