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Working capital loans cover those everyday costs

A working capital loan provides funds to cover more immediate and day-to-day costs. Like the name suggests, having this type of financing means you have the capital to cover vital costs like:

Keep something extra in your back pocket​

Having working capital on hand also means you have funds to create growth and make the most of any opportunities when they happen. The money is there if and when you need it, and you usually only start repayments when you’ve drawn down on it.

Unlike other more specific business finance products, working capital loans can be used for many different purposes. That’s why lenders don’t need you to tell them what you’ll be using it for.

Let’s talk about business loans

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Secured or unsecured

Some loans require collateral like your business assets, inventory or even your own home as security. However, unsecured loans are becoming increasingly available. The great thing about this is you don’t have to bet your house on your businesses success.

Short-term loans for long-term goals​

Because of the short-term nature of the terms of working capital finance, interest rates and fees can be higher. At AFG we’ll not only help you find the loan that keeps these costs down, we’ll look at your business track record to work out what you can afford to pay back. You don’t want to be paying a lot or borrowing too much. We always make sure your finance helps your growth, not hinders it.

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