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Make a great first impression with the welcome campaign.
The loan tracker campaign educates your customer at the lodgement stage about the milestones of the process.
Keep your customers up to date with the rate alert announcement campaign.

Sent within minutes of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) interest rate announcement on the first Tuesday of every month (except January).

At loan settlement, the thank you campaign is sent to your customers, thanking them for their business.

The thank you campaign is an important business analysis tool providing insights into the customer experience. The thank you campaign encourages your customers to fill out a survey about their experience, providing you with valuable insight.

Don’t miss a birthday again with the birthday campaign.
Ensure you have Christmas all wrapped up with the Christmas campaign
Convert your prospects into applications with the prospecting campaign

The prospecting campaign is timed to attract clients looking to make a change to improve their finance solution.

The three year anniversary campaign, sent at the three year mark since settlement
SMART Red Alerts gives you a list each month of customers who are likely to discharge their loan and could take their business elsewhere.

Red alert email campaign, an optional campaign which sends an email to these customers with an invitation to review.

A quarterly lifestyle newsletter written just for our AFG brokers comes in the form of the Haven newsletter campaign.

You can sign up to AFG’s quarterly lifestyle newsletter for your customers and contacts.

Haven is available as an email and is the only SMART campaign to have a print option as well, given its long shelf life and great use as a referral tool. You are able to individually select which contacts receive an email version and which receive a printed version in the post.

Haven is the only campaign with an additional cost of $30 per quarter.

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