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Join over 1,800 leading brokers nationally for your monthly dose of relevant industry content and updates, in 60 action-packed minutes.

Each month’s webinar is devoted to tackling a different topical issue with the help of industry leaders, brokers, and AFG staff.

The next webinar is scheduled for 18 July 2022 and then bi-monthly.

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Meet your host

Head of Sales and Distribution, Chris Slater, will share the trends and insights you need to keep front of mind to grow your business.

Topics include:

  • Business growth
  • Diversity
  • Going from broker to business owner
  • Compliance and BID
  • New lenders and products
  • Business relocation
  • Succession planning
  • COVID & lockdowns
  • Mental health
  • Pain points and challenges
  • What else keeps you awake at night

Chris will also recap what has happened in the industry, what trends to watch, and some fun surprises… you’ll have to sign up to see!

Our presenters have included

Adam Croucher-modified

Adam Croucher

Nathan Aird Universal Mortgage Experts NSW-modified

Nathan Aird

Universal Mortgage Experts

Steve Weston

Volt Bank

Eliza Owen


Dan O'Neill


Ian Rakhit

Aarti Mason_circle

Aarti Mason

Heartland Reverse Mortgages

David Bailey

Zarko Jokic

Zarko Jokic


Shirley Elliot

Ruan Berger

Ruan Burger

Time Home Loans

Stuart Donaldson

Accendo Financial

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