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Are you taking full advantage of Broker Fact Find to do the legwork to help you speed up a deal? Broker Fact Find is your online customer tool that lets your customer take care of the data entry basics at a time and place that suits them. It helps streamline the application and approval process — saving you time and money and helping fast track your client’s deal.

You know it all too well — collecting customer information can often slow down the loan process. It takes time for the customer to supply their details and then more time for you to enter it into Flex.

At the press of a button in Flex, your customer is emailed a secure link to the Broker Fact Find website that’s branded with your logo and details. The site intelligently asks the right questions and asks for additional information depending on your customer’s answers. When your customer has completed the questionnaire it’s automatically emailed back to you and Flex is updated with their data which has populated through.

You can also enter in your customer’s details directly into the Broker Fact Find tool and push this information back into Flex.

The Broker Fact Find process: Saving you time

  1. Broker generates a unique Broker Fact Find link from within an Opportunity in Flex or the Flex Mobile app. The minimum information required to be entered into Flex prior to this is contact name, mobile and email address.
  2. Your customer completes their contact and financial information within a web portal branded with your broker information.
  3. That data is automatically added to the Opportunity and the Contact record where applicable, saving you time and ensuring the customer details are correct.
  4. Proceed with the deal in Flex or simply leave the customer as a contact record to receive marketing materials from you via SMART if applicable.

Speak to your BDM or PM today if you’re not already taking full advantage of this clever tool.

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