Banking to broking: making the switch

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Currently in banking and thinking about making a big career change? Then maybe it’s time to consider broking!

While working as a banker, you’ve been restricted to offering a limited choice of loan options to your customers that are provided by the bank who employ you. 66% of home loans in Australia are written by a broker*, it’s time to make the switch and offer your customers an enormous range of mortgage solutions which serve their best interests.

You have the unique opportunity to build your own business based on your own experience working in the financial industry. You have a unique skill set that puts you above your competition. There has never been a better time for you to be in business for yourself and transition from banking to mortgage broking!

It brings flexibility and independence

As a self-employed broker, you will be able to take control over your work life, find flexibility through hours that work for you. The support of the right aggregator will help lead you onto a path that will help your business grow.

Being in control

We understand that taking the big leap from a regular salary is a bit out of our comfort zone. However, the rewards you will eventually reap will be limitless.

So, why AFG?

Because making the switch is simple with AFG! We’ve been helping Australians find a fairer deal for almost 30 years. Find out more about one of Australia’s largest mortgage broking groups.

When you become a broker at AFG, you will have the support you need to grow your business, by providing you with:

  • Industry-leading technology
  • Automated marketing
  • Interactive training
  • Simplified compliance
  • Insightful events
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Dedicated national support

How do I grow my business?

A commonly asked question! Every industry has different tips and tricks to help businesses grow. In mortgage broking, business growth is influenced by the aggregator you partner with.

When you’re making the big move from banker to broker, you need the right level of support to help make this transition feel comfortable. It is important to get support to streamline your business operations with support with market-first tools, leading technology, as well as finding and retaining clients.

That’s why AFG can help you start on the right path.

Contact us to see what is possible

If you’re serious about making the switch from banker to broker, then maybe it’s time to contact AFG.

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*Source: MFAA’s quarterly survey of leading mortgage brokers and aggregators July-September 2021

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