3 branding tactics used by high performing brokers

Social media 

Leveraging social media has become a go-to strategy for many looking to bolster their business. In much the same way that clichés are clichés for a reason, social media is highly touted because it is legitimately effective. If you do it right. 

There are a lot of ways that you can gain traction online, but they all involve constructing a plan that is informed by your goals. A sole trader broker isn’t going to have the same goals as a large established brokerage. Are you cementing your position in the industry or are you targeting aggressive growth? Who is your target audience? What are your strengths? The content you put out and even the platform you use is dependent on all these factors. 

Here are 10 tips to help you grow your social: 

  1. Identify target audience and what platforms they are using. 
  1. Create content tailored to their interests and needs. 
  1. Consistently post high-quality, relevant content to engage followers. 
  1. Collaborate with other industry leaders and professionals to reach a wider audience. 
  1. Utilise paid advertising options to reach a wider audience. 
  1. Engage with followers by responding to comments and messages. 
  1. Track metrics to understand what content resonates with your audience. 
  1. Follow other industry figures and publications to stay up to date with industry trends and news to stay relevant. 
  1. Offer valuable information, such as tips and guides, to establish yourself as an expert. 
  1. Utilise video content, such as live streams and tutorials, to increase engagement. 


The way you position your brand is everything. If your brand and your business don’t match it won’t take long for your clients to notice. If you like to approach things in a more laid back, business casual way, position your brand to reflect that. Otherwise, the clients you attract are going to expect something you’re not and the working relationship is less likely to be smooth. 

When your brand is clear and authentically represents your business, it will attract clients that will find your offering appealing. Why waste time and resources pulling in clients that aren’t going to align with your business?? Focus on the right clients for your business, so you can provide a suitable service and everyone comes out happier. 

Here are 10 tips for brokers looking to boost their brand: 

  1. Develop a clear brand message that differentiates you from competitors. 
  1. Consistently maintain a professional image across all communication channels. 
  1. Create high-quality, relevant content to establish thought leadership in the industry. 
  1. Utilise a variety of marketing channels, including social media, email, and networking events. 
  1. Foster positive customer relationships and ask for referrals. 
  1. Offer exceptional customer service to build a positive reputation. 
  1. Collaborate with other industry professionals to reach a wider audience. 
  1. Attend events and webinars to stay up-to-date with industry trends and network with peers. 
  1. Offer unique value propositions to stand out in the market. 
  1. Continuously evaluate and improve your brand strategy to remain competitive. 


The best way to sell is to educate. If you’re providing helpful and valuable information on a regular basis, when someone that has engaged with your content is making a purchasing decision, you’ll be front of mind. You aren’t trying to convert immediately; you are positioning yourself as subject matter expert and creating value for potential clients.  

It also leads to organic word of mouth. People talk to their friends, who are often in similar life stages and share goals. Your clients being able to direct their friends or colleagues to informative content that can help them is a recommendation with real weight behind it. Prospective clients are no longer coming to you blind, they have already received an insight into your offering. 

Here are 10 ways to help educate your customers: 

  1. Provide clear and concise information on loan options, interest rates, and fees. 
  1. Offer educational resources, such as guides, articles, and videos, to help customers understand the mortgage process. 
  1. Answer customer questions in a clear and concise manner. 
  1. Utilise visual aids, such as charts and diagrams, to simplify complex information. 
  1. Keep customers informed about changes in the market. 
  1. Offer personalised advice based on each customer’s unique situation and goals. 
  1. Hold informational seminars or webinars to educate a larger audience. 
  1. Offer regular updates and newsletters to keep customers informed. 
  1. Provide clear explanations of technical terms and jargon. 
  1. Encourage customers to ask questions and provide opportunities for follow-up. 

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