Running a Facebook Advertising Campaign

There are four mandatory requirements for a Facebook advertising campaign to be successful;

  1. Well worded ad/s that capture the interest of viewers in 2 seconds or less
  2. Images that suit the campaign and increase engagement
  3. A call to action or lead magnet that makes people want to click
  4. An active Facebook business page to support the campaign

Many fall short on number 4, thinking that a great campaign will work on its own. However, many users will choose to view your page before converting or following and an inactive page is where their engagement will end. We’ve put together some great links and our tips to help you run your Facebook campaign.

Understanding how and why Facebook ads work

Spend some time browsing the Facebook training library to understand what your options are. You may find an idea you had no idea existed. For example, many are surprised to learn of Lookalike Audience targeting, a tool that can be very beneficial in reaching niche

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