Save up to $699 and launch your business to new heights

Your SMART offer is available now.

  • $0 setup fee (save $300)
  • 6 months free for AFG Business SMART (save $299.70)
AFG Broker website template
SMART is designed to meet your marketing needs.
Helps you increase conversion rates of contacts without data assigned to them.
Attracts and engages web traffic.
Provides the right analytics and reporting to help your business thrive.
Ensures your email and web solutions utilise state-of-the-art design and best practice at every turn.
Builds and nurtures customer relationships.
Reaches out to customers at critical milestones of their finance journey.
Saves you time and money, representing an unrivalled return on investment.
Promotes your social media networks with Facebook and Twitter on each campaign.

New SMART websites

Customise your SMART website to suit all your business needs with access to your own WordPress administration panel.

This handy tool gives your organisation the flexibility to customise many areas of your website. You can now create and add new pages, edit existing pages, change imagery, add blogs and customise your sites theme – plus a whole lot more.

Use your SMART domain name that we set up for you or set up a redirect from your own domain address.

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