More business,
less paperwork.

Customer360 is your digital customer information collection tool. Give your customers a seamless experience and collect the right documents and right information at the right time. It’s time to get your applications moving faster.

Frictionless customer experience

Move on from the drip feed of customer information, follow-up emails, calls and meetings. Start a-fresh or greet your customers with a range of pre-filled data straight from your records, presented in your own Customer360 branded tool ready for them to kick-start their application process.

  • Branded for your business
  • Pre-fill any data you’ve already collect to make it easy for your customers
  • Customer360 is dynamic and only requests documents needed based on the information the customer provides

Talk answers, your way

Start your meetings with the information you need to talk answers, present solutions, and build your customer relationship. Collaborate side-by-side with your customers, work remotely or request information before your meeting – do it your way.

  • Unique and secure links to Customer360 can be sent to customers prior to meetings
  • User-friendly interface can be used alongside your customers during meetings
  • Perfect for working remotely and over video with your customers

Security for your customers, safety for your businesS

Move your customers from unsecured emails and document attachments to the security of enterprise grade data storage and transfers. You can rest assured knowing that your information collection process is compliant and audit ready.

  • Open, transparent and auditable record of customer data collected
  • Best practice data and document storage to meet your compliance obligations
  • Auto email generated and sent to customers for their records, with all data collected

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