Constructive contracts – the paperwork and planning behind your build

You’ve dog-eared magazines, spent countless weekends at display villages and finally made the bold decision to build rather than buy a home. While choosing where and what to build are exciting and giant steps, you might not feel as enthusiastic about the necessary building contracts and approvals. But knowing your legal rights and responsibilities will […]

Show me the money

“Flipping” might be the new word on the block but Australians have long been part of the reno revolution. Some are looking for fast returns (the flip), while others are upgrading after being in a home for several years. Whichever your strategy, chances are the goal remains the same: to renovate for profit. Here are […]

How to be a first home buyer

While many first home buyers might feel thwarted by escalating property prices in some capitals, plenty are still taking the plunge, spurred by low-interest rates and the great Australian dream of owning your own piece of turf. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics1, first-time buyers currently account for about one in six home loans. […]

Reserve Bank of Australia has again opted to leave the official cash rate on hold at 1.5%

With celebrations for the race that stops a nation in full swing, the Reserve Bank of Australia has made this decision. The Reserve Bank of Australia decided to once again leave the official cash rate unchanged at 1.5%. The rate has not changed since September 2016. This outcome was widely predicted by financial commentators. With […]

All in the family

The trend for adult children to remain in the family home for longer is putting a strain on their parents. But there are ways to make it work for everyone. If you have a happy marriage and a comfortable home, studies indicate it’s more likely your children will delay moving out. Well, they’re not silly, […]

How to make a smart switch

Switching home loans could help pay down your mortgage sooner, providing you are refinancing for the right reasons and understand what’s involved. Here’s our guide to refinancing to help you make the right move when the time comes. Know the costs Paying 0.5 per cent less per annum on a $250,000 principal-and-interest mortgage will save […]

Let’s get fiscal

June 30 signals the end of another financial year. There’s still a little time to get this year’s finances in order or take the opportunity to make some resolutions about how you manage your money from July 1. Here are our top tips for a more fiscally fabulous financial year. Manage your mortgage It’s easy […]

Different loan types

Finding the right home loan is as important as finding the right property. There are literally hundreds of home loans available, with new products emerging all the time. An AFG broker can help you find a loan that suits your particular needs, help you complete the paperwork, professionally package it with your supporting documents and […]

Guide to home loans

Variable Variable rate loans often provide additional flexibility and are the most popular type of home loan in Australia. As the name suggests the interest rate is variable and therefore fluctuates with the Reserve Bank of Australia’s movement and the cost of the financial institution sourcing funds to lend. Variable rates are generally broken into […]

Investing in property

Research and having the right people to help you are the keys when investing in property. It definitely pays to do your research on the property market before you dive in, and we’re thrilled to be on board to help you when it comes to financing your decision. Recent share market slides, tight rental markets […]

Money for nothing

The best things in life are free, especially when money is up for grabs. From government benefits to special grants and shopping rewards, there is plenty of funding available if you know where to look. Here’s our guide to help you cash in. Additional rules and restrictions apply in all cases (and are subject to […]

Investment lending effected by property prices

The property booms in Sydney and Melbourne have begun to affect investment lending and have ripple effects for borrowers throughout Australia. Earlier this year, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) grew concerned about skyrocketing property prices. They asked the major banks to ensure their investment lending did not grow by more than 10 percent. When investment lending […]

Renovate Right

It’s been more than 25 years since Tom Hanks and Shelley Long showed us the calamitous side of renovating gone wrong in the comedy movie, The Money Pit, but the warnings ring loud and clear today. With a sluggish property market, many homeowners are opting to renovate rather than relocate. Before you hit the hardware […]

The smart money is on you

By world standards, Australia is a wealthy nation. We have a strong economy with high employment and a far rosier outlook than most developed countries. And yet almost half (47 per cent) of us are anxious about our finances, according to research by the Boston Consulting Group. Finance guru Paul Clitheroe reckons most Australians want […]

Are your tenants secure?

From July 1 landlords in WA have been required to step up home security measures for tenants. If you own a rental property, are you doing enough to deter thieves? It’s worth checking with your relevant state authority for specific rules in your market. Here’s a brief round-up of what’s required where. Western Australia: The first state to spell out in detail minimum security requirements for rentals, […]

Bidder up!

A record 101,000 properties – or around one in five of those put on the market in Australia last year – went to auction 1. And while clearance rates vary between markets, there is no denying plenty of buyers are willing to go head-to-head with the hammer. Onsite or in a room, auctions can be both exhilarating […]

Pets please apply

Pets have been long maligned by landlords for their potential to make a mess and cause damage. But with pet ownership in Australia ranking the highest in the world, property investors who turn their backs on our furry friends could be missing out on tenants and dollars. Before they dismiss dogs and cats, landlords should […]

Ease the squeeze

The good news is interest rates are at record lows. The bad news is the average mortgage size in most Australian capitals has hit an all-time high. The challenge for many borrowers who are used to low rates could be keeping up with payments when rates inevitably rise. Those who want to get ahead will […]

Take cover with home insurance

Summer once again highlighted the extremities of our harsh Australian weather. In addition to Dorothea Mackellar’s droughts and flooding rains, communities too often contend with bushfires, cyclones and severe storms; stark reminders of the need for adequate home insurance cover. But the wild weather is not to blame for every home insurance claim. Break-ins, fire […]

Home loan terms

Gone are the days when the only home loan on offer was a principal and interest arrangement, paid by the month over 25 years. Now, home buyers face a bounty of borrowing options, designed for different needs. Choosing the right one for your situation starts with understanding the jargon. Here’s our guide to what all […]

Keeping your credit clean

When the National Consumer Credit Protection Act came into effect in 2010, it was designed to help regulate lenders and prevent consumers from getting out of their depth with debt. One of the spin-offs has been increased scrutiny on would-be borrowers. Lenders now look to an individual’s credit file to help determine if they are […]

Money Myths Busted

Making the most of your money often requires common sense more than a commerce degree. We take a look at five money myths that could be holding you back from greater financial freedom. Let’s bust these money myths! I DON’T EARN ENOUGH TO SAVE A lack of savings generally has less to do with how […]