AFG Customer 360 mock-up

AFG Launches New Digital solution, Customer360

Australian Finance Group Ltd (AFG) has launched Customer360, a new broker fact-find and document collection tool which is now available to all AFG brokers Australia-wide.

AFG Chief Operating Officer, John Sanger said, “Customer360 is the first product to be rolled out as part of AFG’s full technology and platform refresh and will sit as part of our game-changing platform for brokers called Suite360”.

“The ability for a broker to deliver a frictionless and user-friendly fact-find to their customers is key to ensuring a good experience and driving their efficiency.”

“For those customers who prefer a digital engagement experience, Customer360 saves time by collecting the right information at the right time in the application process.”

“In addition, it lays the groundwork for a faster application process by securely collecting supporting documents and integrating seamlessly with AFG’s new CRM platform.”

Customer360 is part of AFG’s broader suite of broker tools, which includes other products like their award-winning SMART Marketing and Learn L&D platforms.

AFG Chief Operating Officer John Sanger spoke about how AFG’s strong focus on continuous technology innovation is key to keeping pace with changing industry demands and customer expectations. “We have taken this opportunity to refresh our underlying technology platform, working with leading enterprise technologies together with start-up innovators,” said John. “We have been very fortunate to have support from a range of broker groups, from individual operators to large scale enterprises, to ensure the design of new products like Customer360 work for all business types.

“We would like to thank the AFG Brokers who have taken the time to provide their insights and test the tools as we develop the new suite. Their help has been invaluable and ensured that the customer experience is kept front and centre.”

“The changes we are making now will give us flexibility and agility as we build tools and applications for brokers into the future.”