Who is AFG

Australian Finance Group (AFG) is one of Australia's leading financial services companies.

Established in 1994 as an aggregator – that is, a company which provides mortgage brokers with access to products and support – AFG is now one of the largest providers of mortgage broking services in the country, offering more than 1,400 financial products from Australia’s leading lenders.

With 2,300 members nationally, AFG focuses on supporting motivated, high level performers: 30% of Australia’s top 100 mortgage brokers are AFG members. Through our member network, AFG processes around $4.5 billion of finance every month, and manages more than $100 billion in mortgage finance.

AFG has diversified well beyond mortgage aggregation and now offers commercial financeinsurance products, and AFG-branded and securitised products. These are evolving to become significant businesses in their own right.

AFG has achieved industry recognition, including the Aggregator of the Year Award from the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia in 2006, 2007, 2008 and again in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. We take our responsibility as a corporate citizen seriously and are involved in a wide range of partnering and sponsorship activities.

We are also one of the fastest-growing providers of holistic financial services and our brokers represent the biggest national distribution network of financial services in the country.

Directors Brett McKeon, Malcolm Watkins and Kevin Matthews founded AFG and are still at the helm today. The company’s stellar performance since its inception has been the result of deliberate strategies to build AFG on sustainable market leading principles, to recruit and retain the best people in the industry and to reinvest in cutting-edge technology systems and training.

AFG has successfully shifted from a customer-responsive model to one of a customer-predictor model. From AFG’s IT systems delivering early market intelligence, through to our leading marketing systems and campaigns, AFG is helping our members get on the front foot to predict customer behaviour and take advantage of changing market conditions.


The success of AFG over the last 20 years

AFG Infographic - February 2015

Corporate governance

As a public unlisted company with audited financial reports, our commitment to good corporate governance is a matter of public record. Importantly, we invest in the professional development of our people in the knowledge that our success can be secured only by their continued professional excellence.


As the largest mortgage broker in Australia our reputation as an industry-leading aggregator is built on more than size alone. A growing number of Australia’s highest profile companies have appointed AFG as their mortgage partner, from major property developers and national real estate groups, to household name insurers, financial planners and management consultancies. In each case, the decisions by these companies to partner with AFG was made only after exhaustive due diligence, in which every aspect of our professionalism, reliability and integrity was validated.

AFG actively maintains strong relationships with industry, government, consumer groups and other key stakeholders advocating high benchmarks for the industry. As the most quoted aggregator in Australia, we frequently use our platform to speak out about issues of concern to us all.

AFG consistently wins ‘industry best’ awards, presented each year by the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA). Recognition by our peers of our commitment to excellence are among the reasons that more and more partners and brokers are choosing to align themselves with AFG.

Industry partners

Since inception, AFG has attracted keen interest from a variety of investors, allies and strategic partners. In 2001, Macquarie Bank finalised a cornerstone investment in AFG. This was followed in 2004 with further direct investments by major global insurers Tower and Allianz. AFG is a member of the MFAA, a member of Finance Brokers Association Australia (FBAA) and Lending Industry XML Initiative (LIXI).

Holistic financial services

AFG was originally established to provide home loans, and to support our core business we have evolved beyond this single product area.

As an AFG member you can provide solutions to a wide range of your customers’ financial needs. In so doing, you move from being simply another mortgage broker to becoming an important point of reference for your customers’ key financial decisions. This benefits both customers, who are able to take advantage of a ‘one stop shop,’ and our members, who enjoy much higher levels of customer loyalty, diversification of income streams and increased earnings.

As an AFG member, you have access to a range of services to offer your clients, including:

  • Residential mortgages
  • AFG branded products
  • Commercial finance
  • Equipment and leasing finance
  • Personal loans
  • Insurances

20 years of experience

In 2014 AFG celebrates 20 years of operation, the changes to our industry that have happened in that time are remarkable. However no matter the amount of changes the core value of AFG stays the same, provide our brokers with the industry leading technology, support and services so they can do the same for their customers and grow their business.