Our home loan tools

Managing your money or property should be easy, but we know it is confusing sometimes.

To help out we’ve put together some calculators and guides you might need to help plan your financial situation.


Get all the home loan information you need.

Just like our brokers, talking home loans is what we know best and we understand it can be a confusing world sometimes. Below you will find some helpful information to assist you with finding the right home loan.

Different loan types

There are literally hundreds of home loans available, with new products emerging all the time. An AFG broker can help you find a loan that suits your particular needs, help you complete all the required paperwork and submit it to your chosen lender.

Typical loan features

Make sure you choose a loan with the features and benefits that are right for you. An AFG broker can recommend a loan for your particular needs – and take care of all the paperwork. We’ve compiled a guide to all the common loan features and benefits.

Explaining the loan process

How does all this work? If you’ve not already used a mortgage broker before the process is very simple and straight forward. We’ve put together a guide to take you through step by step in what’s involved in taking out a loan, from start to finish.

Checklist of loan documents

Most lenders require the same documents to approve a loan. While your broker will confirm which documents you need, we’ve collated a list of the documents you should bring to your meeting with your broker to help fast-track your loan application.

Using broker is a simple process.

Find a product

Simply put in your details and see a range of products that are best suited to your situation, pick one to pass it onto our broker.

Brokers are the experts

Our brokers are the experts in the industry, they can look at your situation and help you find a more suitable product.

Your broker comes to you

At no cost our brokers will come to you a time that is suitable, talk you through the products you’ve enquired about.

Your broker keeps in touch

Getting a home loan is a life long process that always changes, it’s why our brokers focus on staying in contact with you.