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Industry information at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

All the lender information you need on products, policy, contacts, calculators, marketing materials, manuals, forms, updates, media releases and information from lender websites is available. It’s fast and intuitive and even recognises industry terms and acronyms like LMI, LVR and CBA.

What is BrokerHQ?

We’ve kept it simple.

Here a few things about BrokerHQ we’d like to share with you;

  • BrokerHQ gives you access to find policy information, access a full range of calculators, the latest industry updates and AFG lender bulletins
  • BrokerHQ is a far easier way to search for information – and its intuitive and ranks search results in terms of relevance and date order
  • BrokerHQ is built into KnowledgeHQ, FLEX and FLEX iPad App – gives you access anytime, anywhere, on any internet enabled device including your smartphone or tablet
  • BrokerHQ is faster and smarter – it understands mortgage terminology such as LMI and LVR and expands its search on your behalf and will allow you to print as you go
  • BrokerHQ is comprehensive – holding lender information on products, policy, calculators, marketing material, manuals, forms and updates and much more

Did you want to know more about BrokerHQ?

If you’re already an AFG broker just speak to your Business Development Manager today, but if you’re not yet with AFG, simply send through an enquiry and we will get you started.


Have access to all the documents you need

Having access to documents when you’re on the road is important, with BrokerHQ you can easily access all the latest lender documents plus an archive of older documents if you need.


BrokerHQ is designed as a mobile friendly website

BrokerHQ is designed to work across any device, giving you easy access either on your phone, tablet or desktop computer.


All the important contact information for each lender

It’s a simple feature, but a handy one to have with you. Within BrokerHQ you’ll find all the contact information for each lender.


When you join AFG you are provided with these key tools that include.


FLEX is a single access point for all customer data and products, eliminating the need to run multiple programs to perform different tasks.


Perfect tool for a one time meeting. Easily take clients through product comparisons, sign documentation, different scenarios and more.

Mobile apps

Apps have changed how we communicate with each other, that’s why it’s a strong focus at AFG for our brokers to have the right tools.


AFG’s award winning custom-built marketing program that we manage on your behalf. Find out how SMART can work for you.

Business Intelligence

AFG’s reporting tool; giving you direct insight around your lodged and settled deals, commission, portfolio growth & customer statistics, helping you better plan, predict & perform.


LYNK is AFG’s custom built referral management tool that will help you streamline your lead process for you and your referrers can use.

Broker Fact Find

An online customer website that lets your customer complete their information themselves and saves everything back into FLEX.


BrokerHQ is our online search engine that finds all the lender documents you’ll and your staff need, making it easy to find what you need.


KnowledgeHQ is AFG’s purpose-built online learning platform where you can find all the information and support information on everything AFG offer.