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Your connection with Australia’s top lenders.

FLEX is our end-to-end technology platform designed and built on Oracle’s Siebel ‘Tier One’ CRM technology, used by AMP, NAB, Westpac and many other major financial institutions in Australia.

The AFG platform

FLEX provides a unique advantage to our members in delivering superior customer service.  FLEX is a single access point for all customer data and products, eliminating the need to run multiple programs to perform different tasks.

Importantly, it is not an off the shelf product, it is regularly updated and upgraded both through our relationship with Oracle and with the help of AFG’s 29-strong IT team, and supported by AFG’s 29-strong Member Support team.  Our ongoing investment into FLEX and its host of supporting applications ensure our brokers stay two steps ahead of the pack.

Features overview of FLEX

Everything within FLEX is under the one roof, including;

  • Live product access – search and compare functionality across 1,450+ products from the 45+ strong lender panel.
  • Built in serviceability calculators – allowing advanced scenario comparison functionality

  • In-built compliance – generating the right pre-populated forms on the spot

  • Commission payments – including commission splits and automatic reconciliation of trail payments due and paid

  • Integration – the ability to integrate your website, business partner’s systems and other third party systems with FLEX

  • Workflow management – help your team and the deal keep on track.

  • Live deal tracking – automatic status updates direct from the lender

  • Electronic lodgement – including automated document generation

  • Marketing – full integration with AFG’s award-winning, industry-leading SMART marketing campaigns, initiatives and websites

  • Reporting –the ability to segment and report to help you understand and manage the day-to-day operation of your business.

  • Security and support – market-leading availability, security and IT support including hierarchical access controls at the levels that suit you in terms of visibility, reporting and commissions.

  • Business intelligence – to help you with identification, discovery and analysis of historical, current and predictive views of your business data to give you better operational insight and more effective decision making.

Hear what our brokers have to say about FLEX

  • One of the main reasons for my switch to AFG a year ago was my dissatisfaction in my existing aggregator’s software. The AFG offering was impressive, and with FLEX I know I had the perfect software. FLEX still continues to exceed my expectations, it is a simple, easy to use program yet incredibly powerful and a wonderful asset for my business.

    Anita, NSW
  • The iPad app is such a great tool, it’s brilliant in its ability to calculate quickly. Whether it be to calculate the mortgage insurance, loan repayment, borrowing costs, it can quickly illustrate to the client at the touch of a screen. What’s most impressive is its capacity to show the client what a difference can be made to their borrowing power by reducing a credit card limit or a particular loan, at the slide of a finger. Another great function is to show them effortlessly if they contribute more to a purchase, how much they can save in mortgage insurance … It’s has also has halved my meeting times with a client. You guys are doing a cracking job with this, it’s fantastic.

    Leigh, VIC
  • A little over 12 months ago I swapped from another aggregator group to AFG. One of the main reasons for the switch was my dissatisfaction with my last aggregator’s software. Over 12 months later, AFG’s FLEX still continues to exceed my expectations. It is a simple, easy to use program, yet incredibly powerful and a wonderful asset for my business.

    Raveen, QLD
  • In December 2012 we decided to move from our current aggregator across to AFG. I decided to move to AFG based on the superior overall package AFG provided to our business … I can honestly say AFG have exceeded my expectations. The FLEX system has increased our efficiency by approximately 30%. The allowance of the system to have a workflow from point of sale through to commission payment has reduced double handling of files and reduced costs to our business. We are also very excited about the future initiatives presented in regards to the FLEX system, these initiatives have demonstrated to me that AFG are serious about allocating resources to evolve their systems as the industry and technology evolve.

    Nick, VIC

Find out more about AFG

If you’re already an AFG broker just speak to your Business Development Manager today, but if you’re not yet with AFG, simply send through an enquiry and we will get you started.

Everything else you get when you use FLEX

Sales Tool

  • Product selector/filter
  • Serviceability calculators built into FLEX
  • Simple product comparison (basic modelling)
  • Advanced scenario comparison (comprehensive modelling)
  • Generates documents that meet State and Commonwealth legislation

Electronic Lodgement

  • Integrated electronic lodgement (including data validation)
  • Lender messages and statuses linked directly into FLEX
  • Automated application form generator for electronically lodged deals
  • Application status and progress reports
  • Master Agent performance reports


  • Full commission support
  • Free navigational training
  • Free technical support

CRM Capabilities

  • Contact management – simple, yet comprehensive data collection options
  • Activity/task management
  • Activity plans
  • Contact data upload from Excel into FLEX
  • Customisable query capabilities for business reporting
  • Customisable text fields for data entry
  • Notes and attachments area for documentation collection and storage

Marketing Capabilities

  • Database filtering/searching tools
  • Mail merge
  • Customisable templates and mail merge letter generator
  • Customisable email templates and email merge capabilities
  • Website integration for lead management
  • Full integration to SMART program

Access Control

  • Multi-layer hierarchical access control of contact and lodgement information
  • Hierarchical commissions views across the organisation
  • Access to application information for referrers and independent loan writers

Commissions Management

  • Multi-level commission calculation (automated commission splits)
  • Referrer commission calculations
  • Upfront commission pipeline
  • Trail commission reconciliation tool
  • Detailed tax invoices
  • Clawback tracking and arrears management

Other features

  • Ability to export FLEX data to Excel
  • Business intelligence information – to help manage your business
  • Integration with state and national legislation


When you join AFG you are provided with these key tools that include.


FLEX is a single access point for all customer data and products, eliminating the need to run multiple programs to perform different tasks.


Perfect tool for a one time meeting. Easily take clients through product comparisons, sign documentation, different scenarios and more.

Mobile apps

Apps have changed how we communicate with each other, that’s why it’s a strong focus at AFG for our brokers to have the right tools.


AFG’s award winning custom-built marketing program that we manage on your behalf. Find out how SMART can work for you.

Business Intelligence

AFG’s reporting tool; giving you direct insight around your lodged and settled deals, commission, portfolio growth & customer statistics, helping you better plan, predict & perform.


LYNK is AFG’s custom built referral management tool that will help you streamline your lead process for you and your referrers can use.

Broker Fact Find

An online customer website that lets your customer complete their information themselves and saves everything back into FLEX.


BrokerHQ is our online search engine that finds all the lender documents you’ll and your staff need, making it easy to find what you need.


KnowledgeHQ is AFG’s purpose-built online learning platform where you can find all the information and support information on everything AFG offer.